Auckland Disability Law Events Page

ADL provides legal education on disability law in the community and with disability and legal organisations.  We also host community events with the Disability and Deaf communities.

March 2018

27 March 2018.  10am–1pm.  Unpacking Disability Law. Employment EssentialsPre-employment and Employment Rights session.  Mangere. Register by 12 March 2018. For more information email   

April 2018

10 April 2018.  10am–1pm.  Unpacking Disability Law. Tools to Keep Safe: Personal Safety Rights and Protections session.  Mangere. Register by 26 March 2018. For more information email

May 2018

1 May 2018.  10am–1pm.  Unpacking Disability Law.  Law and Order:  Criminal Law session and Rights and Advice:  Dealing with the Police and Going to Court session.  Mangere. Register by 17 April 2018. For more information email  

15 May 2018.  10am–1pm.  Unpacking Disability Law.  Navigating your Health Rights:  HDC & Health Consumer Rights session and Know Your Rights:  Mental Health Rights session.  Mangere. Register by 30 April 2018. For more information email  

29 May 2018.  10am–1pm.  Unpacking Disability Law.  Who’s got the Power 1:  Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney session and Who’s got the Power 2:  Guardianships, Property Managers & Supported Decision Making session. Mangere. Register by 14 May 2018. For more information email

For further information on Unpacking Disability Law you can download our flyer in the following versions:

Unpacking Disability Law Flyer (with images)

Unpacking Disability Law Flyer (text only)

Unpacking Disability Law (NZSL version)