ADL Members and Mangere CLC Supporters Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019.  Six people are in the photo and are smiling. On the left is Sao Timaloa. She is wearing a black dress, black jacket and a pink woollen scarf. She is also wearing glasses

On her right is Robyn Ngchok. She is wearing a grey skirt, pink top and a grey striped jacket. Next to Robyn is Huhana Hickey. She is sitting in a wheelchair wearing black pants, a blue patterned top and wearing a greenstone necklace and glasses. Behind her is Sophie Tauhara. She is wearing a brown leather jacket, a grey sweater and glasses. Next to Sophie is Ida Tupaea. She is wearing a dark patterned skirt, a black top, blue denim jacket and a cross necklace. On the far right is Emma Tuiga. She is wearing a blue denim skirt, a black puffer jacket and a green shirt.

In the background are six rows of green chairs facing away from the camera. Six red and white balloons are attached to the chairs throughout the room.