Celebration’s Formal Speeches Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019. It is a photo of the attendees during the formal speech and reflection part of the event. All attendees are seated in rows of lime green chairs facing the front of the room. There are six rows of chairs, with a walkway in the middle of the chairs.

On the very left side of the photo, there is a pair of red and white balloons, next to a speaker. In the front row sits seven people and two guide dogs. From the right side of the photo is a man with black pants and a blue jacket and a man in blue jeans, shirt and a dark scarf.  There is a women, who is mostly obscured, sitting between the men.

After the walk way is a woman with a white hat and top. She is bending forward petting her blond guide dog. The guide dog is looking forward to the front of the room. Next to her is a man wearing an olive coloured shirt and pants. By his feet is a black and brown guide dog who is sniffing the other guide dog. Next is a woman with a red jacket and black pants. On the right of the photo, is a woman wearing black jeans and a pink-white striped top, and a man with a dark blue shirt.

In the second row on the right sits a woman with a white top and black jacket. Next to her is a woman in a puffer jacket, then a woman with glasses in a black top and red scarf. Next is a woman with glasses in a black jacket and blue scarf. After the walkway sits a man in a black shirt. Next is a woman in a grey shirt and glasses, and then a woman in a flower patterned white and black skirt and red top. She is looking backwards.

Behind them sit more people, seated among the various rows who are mostly obscured by the people in front.

In the background on the left, are two pairs of white and red balloons.