ADL 10th Anniversary Cake Cutting Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019.  The photo is of the cake being cut by Martine Abel-Williamson and Sam Dalwood. On the left is Martine. She is wearing a gold bracelet, and a white, black and red patterned top. In her right hand is a knife that is about to cut the cake. Next to her on her right is Sam who is helping cut the cake. She is wearing a black top and a red cardigan and glasses. Next to them sits Nicola Owen and her daughter, Helena Brown. Nicola is wearing a black top while Helena sits on her lap, wearing a pink shirt. They are watching the cake being cut.  On the right, standing at the end of the table is Reb Guy. She is wearing a dark red coat, glasses and earrings. She is watching the cake being cut.

The table is covered by a white tablecloth. On the table are various objects. On the left is a glass, a phone and a braille reader. Next is the chocolate cake, a white mug and a pencil. Next to Nicola and Helena is a blue, yellow, red and green striped toy caterpillar, a glass, a small yoghurt container, a pink cup, an orange toy and two toy ponies.