Jenny Hughey’s Reflections Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019. It is a photo taken during the formal speeches and reflections part of the event. In the centre of the photo stands Jenny Hughey who is wearing a black jacket and pants with a grey patterned shirt and glasses. On her suit is a gold pin. She is speaking and holding a microphone in her right hand.

On her left stands Reb Guy, NZSL interpreter. She is wearing a dark red coat.

In front of Jenny Hughey are four rows of lime-green chairs with people sitting looking at Jenny. In the front row sits three people. From the left sits a man wearing a blue shirt with black and white striped scarf. Next to him is a woman in a grey top and a man.

In the second row sit four people. From the left is a woman in a black suit and blue scarf. Next to her is a woman and then a women in a large puffer jacket.

In the third row sit two people. From the left is a man in a light blue shirt and a women in a black top.

In the fourth row sit three people. From the left, a man is sitting and wears a black suit and white collared shirt. Next to him is a man in a navy blue suit and a woman.