ADL 10th Anniversary Mix and Mingle Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019. There are ten people in the photo. On the left is a group of four in conversation. On the far left are two people sitting who are Susan Martell and Jonathan Darby. Jonathan is sitting in a wheel chair, facing away from the camera. He is wearing a black sweater and pants with a white shirt collar showing. Susan’s face can be seen as she is sitting behind Johnathan

Next to them on the right are two people standing. Latoa Halatau is facing towards the camera. He is wearing a black beret, leather jacket and pants with a dark blue shirt. He holds a drink. Standing facing away from the camera, but still facing the group, is Esther Woodbury. She is wearing a dark blue puffer jacket and black pants.

Next to this group on their right are two people smiling and chatting. On the left side is Jennifer Braithwaite. She is wearing a long dark orange patterned skirt and a black top. She has a handbag on her shoulder and is wearing a necklace. On the right side is Roimata Smail. She is wearing dark patterned pants, an olive jumper, a pink scarf and glasses. Both are holding drinks. Behind Jennifer and Roimata, in the far corner of the room, are three people chatting. The two people facing away from the camera are David Fleming and Kezhiah Singleton. David is wearing a black suit while Kezhiah wears a grey skirt and black top.

David Anstice is facing the camera and is talking to David and Kezhiah. Only David’s face is visible.

In the background is a table with a tablecloth, and orange chairs. Two red and white balloons are attached to the table. Glass windows and doors are in the back wall of the room leading outside to grass and large green trees.