Registering at ADL’s 10th Anniversary Photo Notes

This is a photo from ADL’s 10th anniversary celebration held at the Fickling Centre, 5 September 2019. There are three people in this photo. Sitting behind the registration table on the far left is Asheeta Nandini. She is wearing a black jacket. Sitting next to her is Susan Martell who is wearing a pair of glasses and a red and orange sweater. Standing in front of the table on the right side of the photo is Darryn Aitchison. He is wearing a dark blue sweater and black pants. The registration table is medium-sized, with a white tablecloth. On the table are three pens, a mug, a smartphone, a roll of stickers and the registration documents. In the background is six rows of green chairs facing in the opposite direction with a person sitting on one of the chairs. There are also six red and white balloons. Two of the balloons are tied to the table while the other four balloons are tied to the green chairs. A tall speaker also appears in the background.